Arizona, Utah and Nevada Itinerary


Civilization tamed the  Wild West nearly a century ago, but a rugged landscape dotted with red rock formations, vast deserts, and salt flats still beckon thrill-seekers.

Accommodations across the region vary dramatically, from hotel rooms geared toward long-term stays with full kitchens and laundry facilities to grand resorts outfitted with gourmet restaurants,  extravagant spas, and sprawling ballrooms. Adventures across Arizona include hot air balloon rides over  Phoenix, hikes through such magnificent landscapes as the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. For a more laidback experience, soak in the mineral-rich waters of hot springs, watch the sunset over the stark Bonneville Salt Flats, or view Seven Magic Mountains, a vibrant art installation in the Nevada desert.

Each itinerary includes daily activities, local tours, restaurant recommendations, and transportation/tour guide information.

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