Tulum, Mexico Itinerary


Nestled along the Caribbean coast, Tulum offers a tranquil setting, where pristine beaches and turquoise waters invite you to relax under the sunny Yucatan sky. Adventure seekers can explore ancient Mayan ruins or dance the night away in the town’s bustling bars and clubs.

Rentals in the area include shabby chic bungalows tucked away in the jungle, just steps from Tulum’s beloved beaches and bars, and equipped with ample outdoor living space. Swim and snorkel in dramatic settings,  where waterfalls and dense vegetation give way to sinkholes, like Ik Kil Cenote, Cenote Suytun, and Cenotes Dzitnup, or enjoy such outdoor activities as ATV riding, ziplining, and sailing. History is on hand as tours take you through the historic ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba Ruins, the town of Valladolid, and tequila distilleries.

Each itinerary includes daily activities, local tours, restaurant recommendations, and transportation/tour guide information.

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